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tv   Today  NBC  May 4, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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back with more on this friday morning, the 4th day of may, 2012. on behalf of all these fun people, despite rain in the forecast today, the sun is expected to peek out a little bit later on. and i'm outside alongside david gregory in for matt this morning. we've got al roker and by the way, not only is matt off but also savannah guthrie so tamron hall is here. great to have you, tamron. coming up in this half hour we're talking about home remedies. >> that's right. the old expression a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. you know that one?
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>> we watched mary poppins, too. >> apparently some of these things do work and are being accepted into the pantheon of actual remedies. >> the pantheon. it's the hall of fame. all right. also ahead, busted! that's right jeff rossen is back with his roundup of internet capers caught on tape. teens out for a joy ride to a dramatic police chase to a heartless purse snatcher, jeff rossen has it all. >> okay. and fashionistas like ann are always looking forward, but these days it's about you know what? the past. when old is new again, is that what they say? >> check the pantheon. >> okay, oh, those pants she has on are inspired by the '60s and '70s. >> oh, look at her. >> we're going to take a look at it and have the latest styles. >> looks amazing. >> not everybody can wear those pants. >> david can wear them. >> i think david could wear
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them. >> just putting that out there. >> let's go inside now and get a check of the top stories from natalie at the news desk. >> good morning to you guys. in the news this morning, we begin with the latest jobs report out this morning, as the unemployment rate falls to its lowest level since january of 2009. dropping down to 8.1%. but hiring did slow in april. the economy added 115,000 jobs. that's down from 154,000 jobs added back in march. secretary of state hillary clinton is expressing optimism this morning over the fate of a blind chinese activist, clearing the way for chen guangcheng to travel to the u.s. as a student after escaping from house arrest in china. >> over the course of the day, progress has been made to help him have the future that he wants, and we will be staying in touch with him as this process moves forward. we have been very clear, and
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very committed, to honoring both his choices, and our values. >> the u.s. state department said chen had been offered a fellowship at an american university where he can be accompanied by his wife and two children. the standoff has overshadowed clinton's visit to china for high-level talks on economic and security issues. violence overseas this morning as two coalition soldiers are killed in southern afghanistan today. meantime, in neighboring pakistan, a bomb has killed at least 20 people. these attacks come just a day after documents seized in last year's raid on osama bin laden's hideout revealed he was still set on killing americans, putting president obama and general david petraeus at the top of his list. defense secretary leon panetta's reminding u.s. troops today to maintain high standards of conduct. leaders of the armed services are putting a renewed focus on discipline following the leaks of photos showing american soldiers in afghanistan posing
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with dead enemy fighters. the accused mastermind of the september 11th attacks and four co-defendants will be arraigned before a military tribunal like guantanamo bay tomorrow. the gas had been on hold for more than three years while the obama administration tried unsuccessfully to move it to a civil court and close the guantanamo prison. and a 400 pound ostrich gave drivers a run for their money in saudi arabia. he apparently escaped from a farm before hitting the road along a busy highway. and while some cars swerved to avoid hitting the bird other drivers hit the gas so they could catch up and take cell phone videos. but check it out, in the end, the ostrich wins. you can place your bets on the ostrich at the kentucky derby. let's go back out to al with a check of your weather. >> "today's weather" is brought to you by eucerin, over 100 years of skin care expertise. >> man, i thought the road runner was fast. that's amazing.
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wait a minute. aren't you supposed to be at a seminar or something? >> we finished yesterday. we're leaving today. >> leaving today. okay. gotcha. let's see what we've got as far as your weather is concerned. three areas of severe weather down in texas along this dry line, looking at storms firing up so we have a risk of strong storms from del rio up into wach tao falls and central oklahoma. then as you make your way into the midwest, breaking front coming into some warm, moist air from wichita, indianapolis, we've got storms. north platte, sioux falls, indianapolis, louisville and then as we move make our way to the east that same front will be dropping down into this warm, moist air bringing more showers and thunderstorms along there from richmond all the way up to new york city, and eastern pennsylvania. that's what's going on around >> good morning. we will start out with dry conditions and maybe some and drizzle. we have the possibility of some strong thunderstorms this afternoon. warm and humid.
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>> that's your latest weather. natalie? >> al, thank you. this morning on "today's health," home remedies. how many times have you had a strong headache or maybe muscle pain and you have nothing in your medicine cabinet to help? well the remedy may actually be in your kitchen. internist and women's health contributor dr. care ye peterson is here to reveal some home remedies. >> good morning. >> good to have you in. >> thank you. >> let's get started with the first common ailment and that is a headache. sometimes people don't really want to take a pill or medicine or maybe they don't have something on hand. what can help in this situation that may be not in your medicine cab hit? >> try ginger. the sfies ginger actually has been found to be effective in reducing the number of headaches
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that people have and the intensity of headaches that people have to the point where it's even endorsed by some neurologists, actually. and the way that it works is it has anti-inflammatory properties. and it's inflammation that's thought to mediate headache pain. when a vessel in the brain gets inflamed it presses on the nerves around it and that causes pain. so if you can reduce that, you stop the headaches. but one note, not everyone can take ginger. if you have gallstones or you're on blood thinners you should avoid it. >> some people do not like the taste of ginger or may not be able to eat a whole thing of ginger, can they take some other candies or teas? >> i would not recommend biting ginger whole. grind it up and put it in your food or comes in a tea or crystallized, candied or even as a supplement. >> some thing a lot of people are embarrassed by and that is foot odor. so what is the remedy that you're suggesting? >> foot odor, very embarrassing. great remedy is apple cider vinegar. >> really? >> most people have it in their
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refrigerator but apple cider vinegar works very, very well. foot odor is caused by bacteria that live on the skin. it's not the sweat. when you release sweat it has no odor but when it mixes with the bacteria. the bacteria create these substances that are very foul smelling. when you put the vinegar on the skin the acidic nature of it lowers the ph of the skin and the bacteria cannot thrive in that environment. it's what kills them. so what we recommend at women's health is just add a cup into a little basin and soak your feet once a day for about ten minutes and it can help kill that bacteria. when you get out, dry them very well because moisture will also allow the bacteria to thrive. >> you also said you could use this for body odors? >> especially for women in the arm pits. if you take cotton balls, dip it in the apple cider. let it dry on the arm pit and then use your deodorant it works much better. >> won't you end up smelling like vinegar? >> you don't. >> good to know. >> all right. next muscle aches. and what home remedy can
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alleviate that? >> this is an old school home remedy. good old epsom salts. really cheap in the drugfor. works very well. the fancy term for epsom salts is magnesium sulfate. when you soak in it, it absorbs through the skin and that magnesium has wonderful properties. it eases muscle pain, improves circulation, even helps nerve function and the sulfates can help to improve your joint proteins. if you put two cups in a tub and soak a few times a week it can be helpful. >> next embarrassing issue, bad breath. so there's something as well in your refrigerator that can help you. >> there is, very simple. parsley. we see it on ganaches, particularly in italian restaurants, we have these garlicy meals. it can really have a nice little side effect of freshening your breath. parsley contains color fill and that is a natural deodorizer, if you chew on a sprig after food, it takes away that bad odor. >> eat your side of parsley.
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and finally hiccups. some people think if you hold your breath or if you're scared or hop on one leg. you hear all the old wive's tales. what's actually something that can help? >> what i like is a teaspoon of sugar. dry, granulated sugar. a hiccup is caused by a spasm of the diagraphragdiaphragm. the diaphragm controls breathing. the mechanism of action for aborting hiccups is to stimulate the very back of the throat way up high. when you eat a teaspoon of dry, granulated sugar it does that naturally. stimulates that back of the palate and stops the hiccups. >> there is something to that spoonful of sugar after all. always great information. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> still to come this morning, don't forget mom. we've got some great mother's day gifts at affordable prices. but up next, if you're the star of one of these videos, well then you have just been busted. jeff rossen brings us some not so savory behavior caught on
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♪ [ female announcer ] when is it okay to lose the cover-up? when you can. take the special k challenge... and lose an inch from your waist in two weeks. ♪ my, my, my, my a cover-up free summer begins with special k. ♪ free personalized plans at what will you gain when you lose? back now with our series we called "busted!." a look at some unusual moments
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caught on tape. here is jeff rossen. >> i love that shot of you right in the lens. you are right in there. says a lot, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. >> this is all about caught on camera moments, cameras rolling. obviously all the people we're about to show you, innocent until proven guilty. but we want to start in florida at a public supermarket, two elderly sisters, actually, 84 and 96 years old, coming out of the supermarket, waiting for the bus, so what do they do? the bus opens up, the handicap little ramp comes down, looks like this guy is going to help them, right? of course he is. but no, he grabs and snatches the purse from the 84-year-old. look, you can see him. here's the interesting part of this story. his father -- >> the lady falls. that's horrible. >> luckily the women are okay. this was aired on the local news and this boy's father turned him in. >> all right! >> recognized his son and turned him in. he's now sitting in jail on charges awaiting his next hearing. but you know, real scary situation. >> okay we got some teens now
9:16 am
going for an illegal joy ride in albuquerque, new mexico. >> what happens is police set up these bait cars. a bait car is they put a car with the keys, the car unlocked, the keys sitting in the front seat in random parking lots seeing if anyone will steal it. they got lucky when these kids jumped in, four teenagers. >> oh, boy. >> who break into this car and go for a joy ride. and they are excited. they're loving this. talking the entire time. listen to some of the things they're saying as they're joy riding in a stolen car. >> -- a stolen car. >> i know. >> oh, my god, isn't it the craziest thing we've ever done. >> oh, this is -- >> yeah, it's not a video game. >> no this is not the video game grand theft auto. police have the tape for evidence. they're busted. they were arrested and charged. they were handled in you've very, so their cases are sealed but can you see their hands are up and they were arrested. >> let's head back to the sunshine state. a young woman deciding to -- to instigate some offices which is not a good thing?
9:17 am
>> you probably shouldn't do that. instigate al roker, don't instigate police officers. we have video to prove it that al just mentioned. this woman rams her car right in to a police car. >> oh, man! >> and the police dash cam video is rolling. she backs up and does it again as you can see. >> what? >> there she goes. the cop was in the car at the time. he injured his knee. they start chasing her down the street, so what does she do next? she runs into another police car. >> geez. >> why not. so they eventually, she goes on to a horse farm and throws her hands in the air. turns herself in. she's in jail for facing multiple charges including dui and evading police. >> there she is. >> that's a good one. all right. let's go to santa fe, new mexico. some folks -- another person taking their frustration out on the police. >> no one likes getting a speeding ticket. you have a glove compartment full of them. >> how'd you know? >> well, no one really likes getting that. this guy took it to an all-new extreme. he shows up in a night gown,
9:18 am
again police dash cam video rolling and starts shooting. that's a real gun. shooting at a policeman. no one was inside the van at the time. this is a police speeding car that was just parked on the side of the road. no one was in it luckily but he opens fire on this van, he was arrested two weeks later. the s.w.a.t. team actually had to come in and get him. we have his mug shot here for you as well. he pled not guilty but he is in jail. his lawyer is trying to get him a psych and medical evaluation. >> yeah. >> but the evidence is right there. >> and finally we got some police dash cam video that's remarkable but you might not expect it in this way. >> wanted to end on a nice note. this isn't exactly a busted. it's kind of the opposite of that. police never really know what they're going to find on the side of the road. they get a car in distress. you can see he's off to the side. they walk up, this guy was having a heart attack. >> oh, no. >> so the police officers pull this man out of the car, you can see they start doing chest compressions. they even pull out a defib machine, a defibrillator and they save his life. >> oh, my gosh. >> we're happy to report this
9:19 am
man is out of the hospital and doing well. but once again another example of police never know what they're going to find when they walk up to a scene, where they're going to bust somebody or find a situation like this where they help somebody. >> jeff rossen, great stuff. thanks so much. and still ahead, a blast from the past. '60s and '70s fashions get an update for the spring. but first these messages. what do you think? we'd have to get all new appliances. we'll go to the warehouse stores and pick out everything you want. the sinks ringing. hello? you think those guys have "everything you want? " consider this your wake-up call! only sears has kenmore, and all ten of the top ten brands. the other guys don't even carry all top three. i hope you brought an umbrella 'cause it's raining cold hard facts up in here.
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>> live, local, latebreaking. this is a wbal tv 11 news update. >> we have some fog this morning and we have a weather system sitting out to the west. it will provide a slight risk of severe weather. we will see what happens with the thunder from chances. here is the statewide forecast.
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9:30 am
>> i take judging very seriously. first of all, when these very young children come on, i'm going to want to talk to these mothers who march them out there. i said, you know, they got to be prepared to lose. they've got to be prepared to hear the truth. >> well, that is the one and only howard stern, who certainly pulls no punches. now he's setting his sights on the contestants for the new season of "america's got talent" here on nbc. and we're actually letting the king of all media descend into studio 1a next week on "today." going to have a seven-second delay button on the ready. right? going to be fun and interesting to see what he has to say. meanwhile coming up in this half hour, everything -- >> -- the world of fashion as we know. natalie, amy, you have your
9:31 am
disco jump suit from back in the day. >> no. no. >> bright colors? >> no. >> very fashionable in the '60s and sevensies. we're going to put a modern twist on some of the old favorites. >> okay. all right. plus another reminder, because we've been doing it daily now, mother's day is when, al? >> may the 12th. >> 13th. >> make that sunday. >> make sure you got that one down. this morning we've got some of the shopping for you, whether she likes to travel or jewelry or even a little bit of something for your home. you don't have to spend a lot of money to make your mom happy. >> before we get to mother's day, cinco de mayo. >> woo-hoo! >> we want to get -- >> yeah! >> we're ready. >> some mexican style corn and wash it down with coconut margaritas. >> yum yum. >> oh, yeah. >> it doesn't get better. >> yes it does. because we want to say hello to amy robach and lester holt. >> who will be on the air for cinco de mayo.
9:32 am
>> for the fourth hour of "today." >> coming up this week end, linda evangelista says her son shouldn't have to live on less than $45,000 a month. now she's taking the boy's billionaire father to court over what could shatter the record for child support. we're going to have a lot more on that story coming up this weekend. >> plus one iowa school is getting worldwide attention after setting a guinness world record for the most twins in one grade at one school, all 16 sets will join us live. pretty incredible. and al's favorite day of the year, the faster two minutes in sports, the kentucky derby will be live at churchill downs as we go behind the scenes for the 138th run for the roses. we'll have all of that and more when we see you this weekend. cinco de mayo and kentucky derby all in one day. >> yeah. >> all right. get a check of the weather because it's going to be a big weekend. >> that's right. let's check your kentucky derby
9:33 am
forecast. we're going to be looking at temperatures in the 80s. wow. man. we're talking hot. and then as we take a look, show you warm weather, mid-atlantic states looking at some showers and thunderstorms. wet weather in the pacific northwest. and sunday sunday you can expect to see lots of sunshine. we've got rain in the southeast, rain in the great lakes. sunny and mild along the west coast, and we also have a 90% chance of similar shoes on natalie and amy. >> oh, boy. >> wow. >> you have good taste. >> that's great. >> a foot fetish. >> that is what's gong around t >> good morning. things are pretty quiet to start today. this afternoon, we could see some thunderstorms develop and some could be kind of strong.
9:34 am
>> let's say hello to television comedian chris hartley. >> may the force be with you. >> this is for the course for the -- >> course of the fourth. it's a five-day olympic torch style light saber relay starts in santa monica. runs for five days to san diego comic con. >> you're doing this with lucas film but it's for a good charity. >> for make-a-wish. we're going to have like almost 500 run segments and people coming in costume. and just celebrating comiccon. >> you come in costume? >> i'm thinking bobo fett. it's going to be hot. it's going to be a beach. so i don't know.
9:35 am
>> jimmy fallon is also getting involved? >> jimmy and i had a light saber duel. i beat jimmy fallon. there you can see the picture right there. >> actually he's into it. lester and i have the carrie fisher metallic bikini. >> the force is stronger. >> okay. >> how do they light up? >> it's basically a sword made of light. it's a licer. you felt the star wars from return of the jedi -- >> this is great, good that you're putting your talent to good use. >> thank you so much. >> still to come this morning -- >> we've got plenty of fashion. >> check it out. but first, these messages. i'm gonna make you breakfast. what?
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it's one unique cookie. this morning on "today's style," what's old is new again. wedges and bright colors from decades past have made a big comeback, and constance white is the editor in chief of "essence" magazine and she's here to show us how to work those looks right into our wardrobe. good morning. >> good morning, tamron. we were looking through some old magazines and we saw these great outfits, including a white dress on iman and fabulous bright colors. wait a minute, these things are hot again. >> our first look is lauren. you're taking a look at some of
9:39 am
the '80s. a lot of people don't like the '80s. but this i like. >> yes. the brights. were a signature of the '80s. this is a really great casual look for going out with the girls or for doing a date. and here are these great yellow, really bright yellow trunks, jeans, and a hot pink. the key is with brights, is to find brights for your complexion. >> okay. and that yellow looks perfect. why is that perfect for her complexion? >> it's the pink, the hot pink that really lifts. it gives you a lift of color. >> it's beautiful. >> and then i love the pop, even in shoes. you can rock it in shoes. these are from simply vera by vera wang. >> i'm obsessed with these yellow pants. it is not something everyone can wear. what's the key skh >> don't be afraid. everyone can wear the bright yellows on the bottom. including you. >> we'll have to see about that. you look lovely, lauren. i love this look. now let's move on to something that is classic, but what's old is new again since that's the
9:40 am
theme and it's the white dress. we have kyra. >> kyra in the white dress. here she comes. >> that is adorable. >> isn't it adorable? >> very '60s. and here modernized. >> now does white ever go out of style? how is that possible? >> never. you think of the little black dress. the little white dress is much more modern. and this is a very good example of how you can wear white for daytime, for work, for a summer soiree or dress it up for evening. >> and the style is actually so adorable because sometimes when you wear white and it's fitted it's not so flattering. but this double skirt -- >> this double shape with the dropped hemline is very flattering, can be worn by any body type. >> you look adorable, kyra. coming up our next look is rockin' the wedge? did wedges ever go out of style? >> wedges did go out of style. >> really? >> remember stilettos, manolo blahniks. now they're back. i love this because they're a way to look sexy but be on something sturdy.
9:41 am
this makes me think fly and the family stone. it's great. >> psychedelic. >> those shoes are amazing. how do you wear those up with your wardrobe? >> i love these shoes because they go with anything. here we have them on rose with this beautiful dress. i love this dress. this dress is small sizes as well as plus sizes in a bright. but the wedges can also go with jeans. you could wear them with a long dress. to a barbecue. and they really hit a lot of different trends of summer. >> and they're easier to walk in than stilettos. >> absolutely. >> rose, you are rockin'. thank you so much. and next up is the last look and wear talking jump suit, and it makes me think diana ross, central park. >> remember. >> studio 54. >> the avengers, all the bond girls. here is ali in this -- now this is a splurge item. >> okay. >> but well worth the investment. it's really beautiful and i like today's jumpsuit. it's the ones you mentioned
9:42 am
before. you think about all very form fatting. >> like sat cutes. >> cat suits. this is something that is just so updated in a way that makes it easy, with a draped neckline. >> i like that you have it in blue as opposed to black which would be the safer choice here. blue is a lot more personality, and it's, again, it's a color that anyone can wear a jumpsuit. and this drapes. which makes it very forgiving and comfortable. modern dressing is all about comfort. >> what's old is new again. ladies come back out. you all look amazing. ali i love it. >> thank you. >> raid our mother's closet for mother's day. >> absolutely. whether she loves to cook or loves to travel we've got affordable gift ideas for all types of moms right after this. i love to eat. i love hanging out with my friends. i have a great fit with my dentures. i love kiwis. i've always had that issue with the seeds getting under my denture. super poligrip free -- it creates a seal of the dentures in my mouth. even well-fitting dentures let in food particles.
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this morning on "mom's rule today" showering your mom with something special. here with some fun, unique and affordable ideas is "real simple" magazine's executive editor sarah humphries. >> hi, natalie. >> you have an app now for this? >> this is a free gift guide app and you can buy everything on the table on the app. >> and all under $50. >> all under $50. >> let's get to some good values. first gift or the home. i love this. this is a measuresing cup, right? >> this is for a mom who loves to bake but she's got really good taste, too. one cup, half a cup, et cetera but they're colored. they've got colorful insides. if you can decorate your kitchen table. $24. >> very good. good deal. okay over here these beautiful bottle stoppers. >> these are really pretty. if she likes to entertain, why
9:46 am
not put this in with a cork, which is so beautiful. you can use it if you've got a collection of vintage bottles or empty bottles. they're only $10 each. >> very nice. for the party mom. >> i recommend serving these with an actual cocktail. these are mar dini mad libs so you can kind of decide how you want your martini. they're $5 for 20 of them. >> they make different drinks as well if you don't like martini? >> there's a margarita one. >> cool. now good. now i love this idea, the bamboo cutting board, but you can have actually one of your mom's favorite recipes inscribed or engraved. >> absolutely. they're laser engraving so really quick turn around time. they're only $18. they're really inexpensive. i would order now because the shipping will take about three days. so do it fast, act fast. it's from etsy, $18. >> okay, now for the jewelry loving mom over here. we've got some gorgeous style things here, as well. these are the beautiful cups.
9:47 am
>> this is another personalized idea. these are cuffs they're hand painted enamel. obviously you can choose your mom's initial, they're $48. >> we like those and you can stack them up a couple different initials in there. this is a fantastic gift. a subscription to birch box of beauty surprises. tell me what you get. >> you know how dads have bacon of the month club, this is beauty of the month club for mom. >> not just dads. >> that's true. every month birch box will send you or your mom four to five mini sizes of the best products that they've tested out. it's $10 a month. you can choose one month, you can choice six. you can order full sizes. >> the gift that keeps on giving. it's good to just try out new products. >> yep. >> here's an adorable thing. if you want to send your mom little special notes every day. here are forget me notes. >> you can make sheer, looks a little more appealing. $7 for 200. you can peel them off and say love you mom. >> right.
9:48 am
>> or hem dress. either way, you can go -- >> okay. >> it's just a really fun, useful gift. >> for the traveling mom. i love this idea. the ipad cover but this is actually in a terry cloth. >> this is featured in your gone digital. this is an ereader case for the ipad or for your ereader. >> pull out this nice read that you have there. >> oh, look at that one. >> that's a good one. a great book. >> per effect. it's lined with polyester. so it will repel sand and some water. you don't want to dunk it in the water but it will protect your ereader. those are $25. >> i like that. over here for the crafty mom but also the techie mom. >> right. >> so if you need an ipad case. >> an iphone case so you want to do some crossstitch. you know, you used to knit your mom a scarf now you're going to cross stitch here an iphone case. >> i like that. okay. and then finally, if your mom likes sweets and wine well now you can get it all in one little box.
9:49 am
>> two in one. caramels with cabernet sauvignon in the caramel. >> really? >> very interesting combination. i had a couple and they're delicious. >> is it like having a glass of fwhien a candy? >> sort of. it's a subtle mix. >> before i put this in my mouth and can't talk, thank you. does taste good. next south of the border for a cinco de mayo celebration. first this is "today" on nbc.
9:50 am
9:51 am
this morning in "today's kitchen," celebrating cinco de mayo. it actually happens tomorrow but we want to get the party started early here at studio 1a. chrissy, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, thank you. >> tostadas, is this something you would traditionally have on cinco de mayo? >> definitely. it's a nice thing to have for a
9:52 am
party. do you want to go ahead and start? >> let's get started. >> first we'll take our corn tortilla. >> which is great because they're gluten free. >> exactly. >> and we're going to fry it up. it's super easy. just takes about maybe several minutes to get nice and colden and brown. and then you'll drain it on, you know, paper towels. >> so you start off with this. >> then we'll move over here and a good trick that we use is we have refried beans and we add ground churries and that adds amazing flavor to the bean mixture. >> you can go crazy and add some bacon, too. >> all right so another trick is to add about a tablespoon of beans on the plate first. >> so it doesn't move? >> exactly. >> like glue. >> yes, because the flying tost aud today. >> and then we'll put the
9:53 am
tostada directly down on it and you can create your own tostada. i'm going to add more of these bean mixture. and we'll just spread it in the middle. spread it all around. good. >> maybe that's a little too much. >> it looks good. >> okay. and then from here we can add our different toppings. so we have -- i'm going to add a little shredded lettuce which another trick is to toss it in a very robust vinaigrette which is really, really nice with the beans. nice combination. >> cooked beans? >> why not? and we have some beets that i'll throw on. you could do roasted chicken. a little tomato. and i'm going to finish off with a little grated parmesan cheese. >> oh. see and it's really fun. at parties it could be a tostada bar. >> let's head back here. >> back here, we have corn alotes. >> i've seen this. >> great. >> what is this? how does this work? >> it's a mexican term for corn
9:54 am
on the cob. you can have the whole corn but we've cut it into threes to make it a little more fun like a lollipop. first we'll start by mixing up the crema. we have sour cream and we'll throw in some heavy cream. a little bit of salt. and pepper. to give it some flavor. mix it up real quick. and then, you do a good job of that. so for these we're going to cover the elote with a crema, just really, easy, nice, quick. this is great for kids to do. >> mm-hmm. >> and then you're going to roll it. >> oh, jackson. how are you, bud? this is your son. >> my jackson. >> so we rolled it, and to finish it off you could do a little bit of chili powder, or i like to put hot sauce. it's a little messy but it's so delicious. >> nice. >> and then you can serve this as appetizer, side dish or even dessert. >> and then to finish off? >> we brought our koeg nut
9:55 am
margaritas. >> one for the kid, nonalcoholic. >> exactly. >> you want to put it in a different glass from the adults to pick anybody from picking up the wrong one. >> thank you. >> here we go. >> excellent. >> chrissy thank you so much. happy cinco de mayo. >> thank you. >> happy cinco de mayo. >> coming up with hoda and kathie lee, drinks on a diet. >> first your local news and weather. take the gamble out of stain removal.
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